February 1, 2021:

I loved driving past March AFB.

Frequently there were interesting aircraft on the tarmac. Usually KC-135s and C-17s, but occasionally B-52s or F-16s.

Equally interesting was Norton, in San Bernardino. I once saw an SR-71 land there for an air show. Dramatic: coming in low, turning fast over the freeway for its approach.

Today the planes at March are all painted grey. From the freeway in the rain that makes it difficult to tell them apart. KC-135s I think.

There's a museum collection parked alongside the road. I don't remember this from schooldays. There's a C-5, a B-52, some WWII era C-3s. Scarily enough, a Minuteman II ICBM. Why that would be there is an odd question. March was never an ICBM base.

Directly south: a huge complex which looks like an Amazon warehouse. No lights on, or cars parked. That would be ironic. Old plus new museums. As I dictate this into my phone a C-17 comes in low for landing.

All this by way of my lifelong fascination with military aircraft. Much earlier in life my friend and I would climb roofs to watch F-14s take off and land at Miramar. This is much closer.