February 12, 2021:

Where did her instinct for destruction come from?


She found my teak deck furniture, designed and built for outdoor use including necessary weatherproofing. Assumed I was so incompetent that I'd put indoor furniture outdoors, set to work coating the already-coated teak with water repellant. I asked, "What are you doing?" She gave me a patronizing smile, as, I'd explain it to you but you're too stupid.

Or a decorative mug left on a counter for display. Still in its carton, part of the mis-en-scene. She assumed there was nothing special about that, rather that I was too lazy to put it properly away, granted mugs belong in cupboards not in display cartons. So she threw the carton out, put the mug in the dishwasher, and that was that.

Much later she complained, tearfully, "You make me feel stupid." In part because I objected to these things.

She isn't stupid. In terms of sheer mental horsepower she's probably the most brilliant person on the planet.

That's her downfall. She knows she's brilliant. She believes she's so much smarter than literally every other person that they must all therefore be idiots. Or, from the other direction, that she's more knowledgeable and more competent than literally any other human.

She's not. She's arrogant, and her arrogance leads her into the kinds of mistakes where she destroys things that don't belong to her because she begins from the assumption that the person who owns those things is neither bright nor competent.