March 9, 2021:

I loved this weather so much. Rain, in Southern California.

I wanted to be outdoors, where I could be part of it.

I'd throw on a jacket or a parka and go nowhere or anywhere around our apartment complex. Climb down into the canyon, to be more directly in contact with nature, where the smell of wet sage makes the air palpably heavy.

Later when I lived in Ocean Beach I wanted to get out onto Newport and be inside it.

Some people dislike rain in cities. Joe Walsh comes to mind. "Rain doesn't have to hurry in the city / falls sadly to the ground..." I find it cleansing, and refreshing. Especially in the '70s when it would clear the smog from the air.

At this moment as I dictate this into my phone, rain falls heavy on my car and the traffic around me. I am headed south, feeling happy for the first time in months.