April 2, 2021:

Her girlfriend, the moron with the improbable Welsh name, became part of the nightmare.

She stole from me, not, I think, deliberately and maliciously, but really from lack of mental horsepower, combined with a La Jolla girl's bone-deep sense of entitlement. I think she felt she really didn't have to repay the rent and other expenses I'd covered for her, or reimburse for lost or discarded contact lenses which were mine not hers, or for other petty objects which were mine, not hers. I'm really pretty darn sure that's what she felt.

There's a specific reason for that. She told me so. In a note accompanying a check for a partial but explicitly incomplete repayment, reading, "This is all I feel I'm going to repay you. With this I consider all relations between us to be absolute."

Where by "absolute" what she meant to imply was, Wow I truly am a very dim bulb.

I would ask, "How was your day?" She'd answer, "It was good. I just stood at the copier all day making copies. I didn't have to learn anything new." She came home evening after evening with a chocolate cake from Entenmann's which she ate by herself, never offering to share. Sharing wasn't her thing. I think chocolate cake is all she ever ate, an incisive image of her sense of entitlement combined with lack of intelligence. I'd bet real money that today she's obese, diabetic, and still happy she doesn't have to learn new things.

She stole from me. That caused harm, the real material kind, where I'd paid her bills and she hightailed, at a time when I was heavily indebted, struggling with mental illness, alone, betrayed, and falling apart.

The experience left me wondering, in all seriousness: What value is a UCSD undergraduate degree, if this dimwit can earn one?