June 10, 2021:

Midwestern at the counter. Badly cut, badly died red hair. She's obese, immobile, sallow, weak, clearly dying from the poisonous food she consumes. She's got bacon, sausage, toast slathered with butter, eggs. Glowering, at me. She thinks my steamed salmon with veggies and I are unmistakably from Mars. We each simply do not understand the other.

They have gray hair and white hair and they are all obese. They waddle on two feet and strain to rise from couches. Their college-age children are different. Most of the kids are gym-toned, with tight tummies and abs. Hopeful sign for the future.

Insufferable moralist: I associate physical immobility with intellectual vacuity, and probably moral vacuity as well. These lazy, fat people support the neo-Fascist upsurge, in large part because they don't know better. I find their ignorance both lazy and immoral. This may or may not be unfair. I'd be the last to know.

Most strikingly, I think their glares are funny. Hilarious, honestly. It's probably this not being taken seriously which troubles them most.

I recognize and am disturbed by this elitism. This is the moralist being unforgiving. Perhaps later in my room I'll cut them a different kind of slack.