November 12, 2021:

It was his wife — Lady Macbeth — pushing him to disloyalty.

She'd lost respect for me, largely after I'd failed to do her bidding on her schedule for her purposes. So that she reneged on our agreements, and pushed her husband to abandon our partnership.

Without understanding — here's the irony — that I was the driver behind her husband's apparent accomplishments. I re-recorded his parts, molding his brilliant but unlrealized ideas into finished compositions and polished performances. After years of it I was skilled at mimicking the nuances of his technique and feel. That was invisible to her, as it also was to the unethical and incompetent "entrepreneur" ‐ in reality a Texan trust fund baby — who successfully stole him away before unsuccessfully attempting to steal my songs.

It was she who pushed him into that. "I need to prioritize my career," he said, informing me he was leaving. Where months later the "entrepreneur" complained to me of his incapacity to complete his assignments. Which ‐ of course. Since I wasn't there to complete them for him.

It was she who pushed him, but ultimately it was his decision, and he made it, and he failed, where perhaps at least there would have been a possibility of something if he'd stayed with me.