Jacob Lawrence, "War No. 13, Repoted Missing" (1947)
Jacob Lawrence, War No. 13 Reported Missing (1947)
Can a Game Be Literature?

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Twenty Five

Army PsyOps had one last trick up their sleeves. In 1989 they'd used it to smoke out Manuel Noriega, when he'd holed-up inside the Vatican Embassy, requesting asylum. There they'd had huge sound trucks at their disposal; here, just a small boombox with a CD player. Creatively making the best of what was available, they set it to maximum volume, and placed it a few feet from the two cages. On auto-repeat, the Bobby Fuller Four sang, "I fought the law and the law won. I fought the law and the law won," over and over, into infinity.

"Union! Union! Union!," barked Gilligan and Mary Ann pitilessly, driving them away.

Hours later, in the evening, they crept back through the jungle, stealthily, to observe the effect.

The box had been simply switched off.

Defeated, they crept stealthily away.