Twenty Seven

The whole community gathered around the old homemade theater Gilligan had built years ago, where Harold Hecuba had produced Hamlet, the Musical; and Gilligan sang "G, I, double-L I, G A N spells 'Gilligan';" and the girl-group formed by Ginger, Mary Ann and Mrs. Howell, The Honeybees, performed their song "You Need Us" for stranded rock stars The Mosquitos.

The government was implementing a program of community-building. There would be plays — four of them — starring prominent community members, with community members as extras and stage hands. The Old Ex-President's Wife, herself a former Hollywood actress, was producing. Vicki, that is, Ginger, and the State of Hollywood were delighted. What better way to get everyone working together as a group?, believed the Cabinet. "Bah, humbug," said Mary Ann. But the actors and politicians were so determined that they even built their own sets, and tailored their own costumes.

"It's time to set aside the old divisions," announced Potty Mouth. "Our society is inclusionary."

The prisoners were released from New Camp X-Ray, and allowed to rejoin the village. Naturally, an event of this significance couldn't take place without an explanation. Turd Blossom circulated the story that the President had pardoned the miscreants; thus their presence in society was reasonable and expected. "Bah, humbug," Mary Ann said, if anyone asked her. They remained on strike.

The lights dimmed, as the expectant buzzing of the audience stilled to silence. Gilligan and Mary Ann were given seats front row, center, courtesy of the President himself. The curtain drew back as the first play began.