Acrocorinth, Greece, 2017.10.16
Acrocorinth, Greece, 2017.10.16.
Nikon D7200, 12-24mm f/4G lens @12mm f/8, aperture priority.

"Courses of roughly dressed polygonal masonry allow us to suppose that the Acrocorinth was fortified as early as the time of the Kypselid tyranny (late 7th c.­early 6th c. BC). The surviving parts of the ancient fortifications, however, which are at many points beneath the medieval enceinte, belong mainly to the 4th c, BC. In 146 BC, Mummius destroyed the fortifications of the lower city and the acropolis. The destroyed sections were subsequently reconstructed from the same ancient material in Late Roman times."

— "Acrocorinth (Akrokorinthos)" Ancient Corinth