Mark & Linda's Tzatziki Tour of Greece, October 2017.
Corinth & Nafplio, Monday, 2017.10.16.

On December 15th, 1979 my college friends Annie and Margie and I climbed the stunning Acrocorinth in the rain, sheltering under archways in the downpour and sharing cookies with an English family whose accents and humor were exactly like Monty Python.

Today Mark and Linda accumulated documentary evidence of our legendary ability to scamper up very high hills like goats.

Of course, my face went numb and now I can't remember my name.

The pics are worth it.

As true of many of the Peloponnesian sites we visited, ancient Corinth is massively more touristed than in 1979. Then, we had the entire site to ourselves, to the extent that we were free to climb around inside the ruins being silly. Those days are gone, driven, in Corinth especially, by Evangelicals visiting biblical sites. Today there was busload after busload, the buses parked bumper-to-bumper in the parking lot with signage for their churches so the crowds would know which to re-board; inside the site, groups of Americans crowded around guides lecturing on Paul's letters. To me they looked unhappy, tired, bored, and baffled. Their dollars are good for Greece.

At the end of the day back in Nafplio we had one of the best meals of the trip, followed by a sunset walk down the bayside boardwalk. Great day.

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