Corinth, Greece, 2017.10.16
Carthagenian trading amphora, Archaeological Museum of Corinth. Greece, 2017.10.16.
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This Carthagenian trading amphora stands in a small section of the Archaeological Museum of Corinth, where the curators emphasize that the wealth of ancient Corinth derived from its geographical position at the isthmus. On the opposite wall an unobtrusive plaque mentions in passing that Strabo says otherwise. The interesting passage from Strabo:

And the temple of Aphrodite was so rich that it owned more than a thousand temple slaves, courtesans, whom both men and women had dedicated to the goddess. And therefore it was also on account of these women that the city was crowded with people and grew rich; for instance, the ship captains freely squandered their money, and hence the proverb, "Not for every man is the voyage to Corinth."